My first introduction to ceramics was when I was a little girl and would join my grandmother, painting bisque in her basement studio. I studied film in college but refused to leave campus until I’d taken a ceramics course. As a professional, I enjoyed a career creating original story for television, but could never escape the nagging feeling that I had somehow missed the mark when I chose my career, not because I wasn’t making money, because I was. It was because I was working only for money, not out of passion. It was draining me. Two kids and about a decade into my post-college adult-hood I found myself envying those around me who were actively working in their fields with REAL PASSION behind their work.

Then it happened.

I took a ceramics class at a small, local studio and it lit my entire world on fire. I began moving everything in my world around being able to have more precious time in the studio creating pieces and honing my skills. Before I knew it I was saving for my own wheel, then a kiln and before too long I had built an entire ceramics studio under the carport behind our home. With help from my friends and family, we demo’d, painted walls, built a roof, laid the flooring… we built my dream. My very unexpected, yet wholly welcomed dream.

My love for the ocean and vintage nostalgia inspire much of my work. I love to create pieces that aren’t just beautiful or functional, but that also have their own story, conjure a memory or inspire a feeling. Most of all I just love to create, and if you’re reading this, you’re part of what’s making that possible and I am most grateful.




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